Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Life-cycle analysis database

Yippee! I've been trying to find a free database of LCA information (to answer questions like 'what's the embodied energy or embedded energy of a fluorescent light bulb?') and now I think I have found one - http://lca.jrc.ec.europa.eu/lcainfohub/introduction.vm


Sadly the EU database didn't seem very user friendly. I've now found the
The University of Bath database
which looks small but useful.

Climate change in our lifetime

My first blog. (I've been writing webpages for ages, but I thought a blog might be useful for my soon to be finished book.)

1998 was a record hot year (the hottest in the last few decades). Today I heard in a talk by Vicky Pope that the climate models of the Hadley Centre predict that from 2010 onwards, every year has a 50% chance of being hotter than 1998.

Vicky Pope also showed a graph by Eleanor Burke showing predicted droughts. The graph showed the percentage of the world predicted to have "severe drought". In the past this percentage has bobbled around 2 or 3%. By 2060 it was projected that the percentage would be up to 20%.

I hadn't seen climate change expressed by climate scientists in such strikingly 'soon' terms.