Friday, March 21, 2008

Cost-effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint

I'd like to highlight Sandy Polak's
page on how to be green
. It is the best page I've read on this topic. The main thing I would have amplified more than Sandyis heat pumps: I bought a 'green' condensing boiler a few years ago, and now regret having done so - I wish I had looked into air-source heat pumps. Condensing boilers are not green: they use fossil fuels! I reckon that, even if electricity is produced from gas-fired power stations, air-source heat pumps are a good thing, environment-wise; and if and when the grid is decarbonised, heat pumps will get ever greener. Heat pumps have to be the future for domestic heating without carbon.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Eco bollocks awards

An emailer pointed me to a great blog that features well-written explanations of the authors' occasional Eco bollocks awards. Two model recipients are:
Ken Livingstone, whose claim that London will cut carbon by 60% is given a thorough inspection, and the Windsave WS1000 wind turbine. "Come on, it’s time to admit that the roof-mounted wind turbine industry is a complete fiasco. Good money is being thrown at an invention that doesn’t work. This is the Sinclair C5 of the Noughties."

Mark Brinkley's writing style in this blog is eloquent and fun -- "The world has gone mad. This seems like some insane game about seeing who has got the greenest willy."