Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hot Air Oscars nomination: Eco Friendly Mobile Phone Charger

Thank you to Pierre Joly for nominating The Plug In And Go Green Eco Charger for the Hot Air Oscar for Best Use of the "if-everyone" Multiplying Machine. If you've read Sustainable Energy - without the hot air or my page on phone-chargers left on standby, you'll know how thrilled I am to learn that
"The Eco Charger reduces the amount of energy needed to power a mobile phone more than any other on the market."

Fantastic news. If everyone got one of these, the ad says, the UK "could make a collective saving as a country of £85 million" (assuming, incidentally, an electricity price of 28.5p per kWh... Shurely a bit high?!).
Unfortunately the CarPhone Warehouse didn't have the space in their advertisement to apply the "if-everyone" multiplier to the price tag, but the Hot Air Oscars column is happy to help out: If everyone in the UK bought one of these "Eco Chargers" (at £22.99), it would cost us, as a country, £1.3 billion.


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