Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How much can one drinks bottle achieve?

I'd like to nominate the belu bottle of natural mineral water for the Hot Air Oscar for the greatest ecological achievements by a 500-ml beverage container.
It's an incredibly long list, spanning the whole ecosystem. On the front of the bottle there are icebergs and a penguin. On the back, a field full of flowers and butterflies.

The bottle's achievements, in more detail:
  1. It's the UK's first compostable bottle.
  2. They can be composted back to soil in only 8 weeks - a million times faster than plastic bottles!!

  3. Every bottle you buy provides clean water for one person for one month
  4. It's the first bottled water that does not contribute to global warming
  5. It is penguin approved
  6. All profits go to clean water projects

Surely it is an honour simply to stand in the presence of such a vessel.

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