Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Eat bacon and ride a bike!

About 8 months ago, I made a short video with the help of Cambridge University, called "how many lightbulbs" [1]. This week, Cambridge University has published another 6-minute video in the same series - it's fantastic, and it's called Professor Risk. ← click this link to go to the movie in its own page.


Alasdair said...

David, on your blog, the video is truncated (at the right) so I can't click on the all-important "HD" button or, indeed, see the right 1/3 of the picture.

It plays perfectly on the Cambridge Ideas site.

I don't know whether this is fixable!

(Details: Mac SnowLeopard, Safari 4.0.4, if it's relevant)

Thanks for the pointer, anyway!


Damian Cugley said...

Professor Risk may think that cycling is more dangerous than driving, but there are risks and risks. The risk of eating bacon sandwiches is a tiny, tiny increment to a future health problem, whereas it seems the risk he is talking about with cycling is the risk of being instantly killed by a careless motorist. He does not mention the risks associated with NOT cycling, such as an increase in the probability of heart disease and other obesity-related problems, or that there are safer and more dangerous ways to go about riding a bike, or that most bike accidents are actually passive motoring accidents and therefore we should ban driving in public places.

Sorry to rant, but every time someone says cycling is dangerous—and it isn’t, really—there is a risk that politicians with Do Something, and almost any action a politician might take unexpectedly makes cycling riskier and less fun.

Having said that, cycling is actually a fruitful area for illustrating problems with measuring risks and discussing how risk should feed in to policy, with the endless discussion of the pros and cons of cycle helmets, cycle lanes, traffic calming, vehicular cycling, and so on.