Friday, September 3, 2010

New Energy Future

There's a new video on the Independent's website, made with the support of Channel 4 and Shell. It's one minute long, and, as seems to be traditional now, features me talking about energy and lightbulbs.
There's also a linked article in the Independent by Steve Connor, on "why achieving a cleaner energy economy involves a series of difficult choices", which quotes Sustainable Energy - without the hot air.


Unknown said...

Yes, slick video. (Though my viewing of it seemed a little glitchy and truncated.)

BTW, I'm very near ZC at home now, and I'd really like to go to a heat-pump too, but the (winter) CoP and thus kgCO2/kWh of heat really doesn't seem to beat even my band-D gas combi convincingly given actual grid intensity in winter, especially including storage losses (I can find *no* 'instant' heat-pumps in the UK now that Hitachi has withdrawn its Eco-Cute model) and the planning issues have *still* not been sorted out.

Oh, and the RHI confusion...

Please go and prod some other civil servants to at least remove those hurdles, then prod the likes of Hitachi to make R744/Eco-Cute heat-pumps of whatever flavour, preferably 'instant' tank-less gas combi drop-in replacements, and you'll see some movement I think!



Bellis said...

I'm getting news from my English relatives that they've seen you on TV. You look really good!! This is a great way to get your message across, Dave.

Ashley Mills said...

With the phasing out of incandescent light bulbs, I worry that people will begin to get confused as to what type of lightbulb is being referenced. And people may think "why is this guy talking about incandescent lightbulbs given that they no longer exist for sale?".

Since the phasing out is supposed to be complete by 2011, I think it would make more sense to use a different unit going into the future.

But I admit that it is difficult to think of something as symbolic and convenient as the incandescent lightbulb.