Sunday, November 14, 2010

Now available in Japanese! - "Sustainable Energy - without the hot air"


Many thanks to Katsunori Muraoka!

持続可能なエネルギー—「数値」で見るその可能性 [単行本]

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JM said...

I just read the book online. I think every country should carry out a similar exercise to see which renewable or other energy sources make sense in their case.

One comment on ground heat pumps: In urban areas in Scandinavia or where the soil is rocky, people drill holes down to 200 meters in bedrock (which in fact become wells since you usually hit water) and install the pipes in the holes. The temperature down there is 5-10 degrees C so the heat pumps actually use geothermal energy. The distance between holes should be 15 meters so you do not need large areas of land. In this way blocks of flats are already using geothermal heating instead of district heat.