Friday, July 31, 2009

Air traffic visualized

There is a very nice you tube video showing all planes flying during a 24 hour period. I have extracted a frame every 5 seconds to make an animated gif which you can view on this page - I find that my animated gif, which goes about 60 times faster than the youtube video, allows you to perceive some things that are hard to perceive in the video.


Milan said...

What proportion of that traffic will be able to continue in a carbon-constrained (eventually carbon-neutral) world?

It's hard to imagine biofuels, electric planes, or any other sustainable option supporting this much traffic.

osiris87 said...

Your website has been linked to at the bottom of this article, a pity that it's preceded by a load of leftwing claptrap.,2009-07-28

Graham said...

I love the way NEurope and USA appear to be engaged in a huge gobbing contest.

Funny to think that they will be much more well behaved in 50 years or so.