Tuesday, July 21, 2009


RouteRANK provides a journey-costing service, which tells you all the different ways of getting from A to B, how long it will take, how much it will cost, and how many kilograms of CO2 will be emitted. For any A and B in Europe. The image below shows the results for a "Cambridge to Edinburgh" query. Cute! I wish it displayed "energy used" too.


litsl said...

This looks handy.

Have you noticed that when you get directions from google maps it very often gives a much longer route than necessary? A quick drag of the route line can save you 10% quite easily.

Why don't Google Maps get their act together with being eco? Instead of 'fastest' routes perhaps they should do 'eco' routes.

naath said...

That's cute; it doesn't seem to understand seas/boats though. Looking at journeys to the continent it offers trains, flights and driving with no indication of any ferries (or the need to combine driving with either a ferry or a train).

Milan said...

I have found that different travel emission calculators produce wildly differing estimates for total CO2 emissions, making it hard to know whose numbers are credible. This is especially true for air travel.

For instance, different sites have estimated the emissions associated with a round-trip from Toronto to Vancouver as either around 1,000kg of CO2 equivalent and as more than 5,000kg.

Unknown said...

the shortest route is almost always NOT the 'eco' route. just look at the amount of fuel your car consumes in the city or on highways.

Pooya Pakzad said...

There are multiple models for CO2 calculations, so depending on which you follow you will get different results.
take a look at this,

routeRANK uses a model by the European Commission.