Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eco eco eco! And super-efficient too (Hot air oscar nomination)

A Hot Air Oscar nomination for boldest appropriation of the word eco goes to Australian company "todae" for their promotion, in their "eco-lighting" section, of "Super Efficient" Halogen 35W downlights. Their product description explains how awful standard halogen lights are, wasting 80% of the energy as heat. These super-efficient halogen replacements for halogen bulbs will save 30%.
Now, it may seem harsh to nominate an energy-saving product for the Hot Air Oscar when there are so many other "eco" scams out there which save much less energy than this (for example, BMW's "EfficientDynamics" innovations). Well, please keep the nominations rolling in. I notice in Toady's web page (just to the right of Galadriel there) that they are also promoting miniature solar panels. Perhaps more nominations can be harvested right here!

Thanks to Carl Myhill for the nomination.


Unknown said...

"miniature solar panels"?? What about this directly from ikea:

litsl said...

I note today that Todae have a new marketing strapline, "...This year, Todae would like to offer our customers 10% off our entire Eco-Lighting range. This is a perfect opportunity to get rid of those 'hungry halogens' and replace them with something more energy efficient, cost effective and better for the environment."

GREAT. I thought they have finally stopped selling Halogen lights themselves and calling them eco.

Check out these 35W babies...

"These 35w halogen downlights are the ultimate in energy efficient halogen downlights."

Can I nominate them for another Oscar?