Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Diluted" Carbon dioxide is "less harmful" - Hot Air Oscar nomination

Get ready to splutter with astonishment... This Reuters feature about UK Carbon Capture and Storage, featuring the switching on of a new OxyFuel combustion burner contains an astonishing sentence:
The Doosan Babcock burner will not attempt to store CO2 but release it in a diluted, less harmful, form into the atmosphere.
Presumably a Nobel prize is in order, for the discovery that the climate-change impact of CO2 is reduced by diluting it.
I'm not sure to whom this Hot Air Oscar nomination would be directed - to Doosan Babcock? to the journalist? - but anyway, this must be a strong contender for the Hot Air Oscar for most jaw-dropping twaddle about greenhouse gas emissions.

Thanks to Paul for the nomination.


Anonymous said...

Seems to be another example of journalistic incompetence than pure greenwash, don’t you think? I cannot find such "dilution" process in Doosan's brochure

Milan said...

You should write a letter to one of the newspapers that printed this.

For example:

Unknown said...

CC without the S. The "less harmful" nonsense is glossing over the fact they aren't demonstrating the storage part of the process.

DanH said...

I'm not suggesting it's what's happening in this case, but one could "dilute" the carbon dioxide in calcium ethanoate solution, as per Kakizawa et al., 2001, Energy 26(4):341-354, doi:10.1016/S0360-5442(01)00005-6. Relatively expensive, both in energy and in money, but perhaps not insurmountably so.

Unknown said...

I think they are demonstrating carbon capture but not storage, so they have a lot of CO2 to dispose of. If they simply vented it into the air it could flow down hill / down wind and suffocate people. So they probably dilute it with air to a level that won't kill people who breathe it.

mikesac said...

This is good to know and therefore measures have to be taken to lessen the effect of carbon and get it at least converted to liquid form.

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