Friday, July 3, 2009

Sustainable Energy news

SEWTHA was published in the USA on May 1st. Last week, it was reviewed in Science magazine, and now some people who like SEWTHA have written a submission to slashdot "Solving the Energy Crisis by Tripling Electricity".
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And finally, the third printing of SEWTHA has just come out, and it has got a NEW COVER (shown above). My publisher and I are very democratic about these things, and when the Guardian's Leo Hickman opened his review with the words "It has a crashingly dull cover and title", we were happy to respond to feedback. We hope you like the new cover! [full size image]
The third printing brings the number of copies printed to 30,000.


Adam Bernard said...

The new cover looks a lot more approachable and less textbook-y. I think it's a big improvement!

Kanchenzonga said...

I like the new cover...(and the book>>:-))

The Torquay Litter Blogger said...

Many thanks for this book, David. I've been looking for something like this for years.

Johanne said...

Check out a new free energy machine using the science of spinning magnets invented in Australia at Also look into what physicist Nassim is doing on He is investigating the origin of spin and reconsidering Einsteins field equations in order to tap into the abundance of unlimited energy existing in the universe. I think down under they have found a way to let it in! It makes me understand that the reason the water goes down the drain in Australia in the opposite way to us in the Northern hemisphere is due to the spinning universe we live in. Nature has the answers to the energy challenge. Watch and learn.

Johanne said...

ps check out this link to see a video on the free energy machine

The Torquay Litter Blogger said...

It's an urban myth that water goes down a drain differently north and south of the equator. It's entirely arbitrary.

When anyone mentions 'free' energy to me I turn and walk away. There is no such thing as 'free'.

Unknown said...

I just want to put in a vote for the old cover. It said something. I liked it.

Andrew Smith-Gibbs said...

The Science reviewer wrote: "The author doesn't consider cost or socioeconomic factors, just physics and engineering. With this caveat, MacKay finds there's barely enough "green" power to meet demand in the United Kingdom".

SEWTHA does claim that it excludes economic, environmental and social factors when assessing Britain's renewable potential, but let's examine that.

Deep-water waves (such as those in the EEZ between Rockall and Scotland) are excluded - only waves reaching the coast are counted. 90% of Britain is excluded from the calculation of onshore wind resource. Two-thirds of offshore wind resource below 50m depth, and 100% of offshore wind resource beyond 50m depth, are excluded. PV is excluded from about 90% of British land, and 100% of British seas. There are no laws of physics that prevent harnessing any of those excluded resources, that I know of. Technically, the harnessing of deep-water wind and wave is in its infancy, but as the book has a 2050 horizon,and given that deep-water turbines are being sited this year, the book's pessimism on further development of renewable technology has not been borne out by reality.

Even given those unsubstantiated socioeconomic exclusions, on SEWTHA's own numbers, Britain has way more than enough renewable potential to meet demand, even before any energy efficiency measures. To illustrate, let's take just two technologies:
offshore wind @ 48kWh/p/d
+ PV @ 55kWh/p/d
Demand = 98kWh/p/d,

How can one reconcile those difficulties?

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